T'was the Night Before Surgery

Last-minute to-do’s, thoughts and feelings before ‘The Big Day.’

The Morning Of ...

Preparing for surgery requires a bit of thought and work – and in this case, some EARLY morning hours.


Less than 10 hours after spinal fusion surgery, Resse gives an honest assessment of the very beginning of recovery.


The day after.

The good, the bad and the embarrassing.

POST-OP 5 Days

More details on the surgery, a truthful account of pain and the importance of listening to both your body and your doctor.

POST-OP 10 Days

An account of the first doctor’s visit (and orders) after the operation; pain management, what’s changed since surgery and the paramount importance of a single 4-letter word.

POST-OP 2 Weeks

Looking good and feeling better, Resse speaks of walking, movement, precaution and medication.

POST-OP 1 Month

A candid discussion of a host of surprises, a definite milestone and the problem of a variety of pain.