Welcome to Suite Recovery!

 This  section of SousSuite focuses on the process of recovery from an injury  or illness. Our health is so easy to take for granted. 

Climbing stairs, reaching for an item on the top shelf, getting up from the couch;

these are all things we barely notice we do on a regular basis…that is, until we are no longer physically able to do them.

The SuiteRecovery page spotlights my journey to recovery after my recent L5/S1 ALIF (Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion).

The road to recovery can be an intimidating, tedious journey. 

It is my  hope that you can find some encouragement and strength from my story to  lift you up while you navigate your own road to recovery.

In September, 2015, I was involved in a car accident.

As a  personal trainer, fitness instructor and overall fitness enthusiast, the  injury I received to my back from this accident was life-changing.

I was constantly in pain, which began to greatly affect my ability to not only do the things I needed to do, but also the things I loved to do.

It is my vision and full intention to expand the fitness elements of SousSuite to include fitness demonstrations and videos

once my doctor has cleared me to do so. 

Until then, I ask for your patience and understanding as I allow my body to heal itself.



Do You Have A Recovery Story You Would Like To Share? Send it to us here and it may be featured on our SuiteRecovery page!